Kylee Sleep: Professional Shopper

Kylee Sleep is a successful professional who has extensive experience and expertise as a professional shopper. Kylee Sleep is a highly educated professional who has a strong background in science based nutrition. For more than 5 years, Kylee Sleep lived in the Caribbean for 5 years and while there, worked in the hospitality and tourism industries as a Sales Executive. While at the University of Manitoba (U of M), Kylee Sleep studied the area of Human Nutritional Science, and graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in 2008. Kylee Sleep worked as a volunteer throughout her studies at the U of M. Kylee Sleep has studied the world of fashion extensively.

There are many aspects involved with developing a unique, attractive, classy, and polished style, according to Kylee Sleep. One of the most important aspects of designing a style that works for clients, is understanding what types of environments they are accustomed to as well as those they plan to be involved with in the future. Kylee Sleep believes in giving her upmost attention to each and every one of her Personal Shopping clients, in order to, as Kylee Sleep continues, ensure that each client has the best chance of achieving the best end results.

Kylee Sleep has given a great deal of her time in her service as a personal shopper. Since she can remember, Kylee Sleep has served as a personal shopper, even during her childhood years, albeit, not professionally, she adds. Kylee Sleep has many years of professional experience as a Personal Shopper, not only in the world of fashion, but in the area of other items such as furniture, as well.

Kylee Sleep is dedicated to her service as a personal shopper to individuals from many different backgrounds.


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